We are grateful to continually transform the lives of our patients


"Down my last stubborn 10 pounds, I look at food completely different. My self-confidence is soaring! My seasonal Bronchitis is completely gone for two years now. I know I could handle whatever life throws at me."

I am no longer in any pain. Since I started the program, my weight was about 187 now I am down to 177. My hair would break off and fall out, now my hair grows back without breaking!

— Maxine D.


"This program is completely transformative. I no longer have the issues with exhaustion or anxiety. I have a lot more energy. My trainer is working me harder on my gym days, and has also noticed my increased energy."

My thyroid is working beautifully! I have a lot more energy. I am not burping the way I always have in the past. If I keep my diet clean and on am on my supplements then everything is good! I love the new recipes that Dr. Nancy supplies in the office all the time.

— Ceil L


No longer inflamed, back to my normal weight. Clear brain, I can think well again emotionally stable!! I sleep through the night and wake up feeling refreshed.

I am much improved. I am taking supplements that support my bladder and no longer have the symptoms. I am now aware of foods that irritate my bladder.

— Patty R